Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Misc from yesterday

I am pretty sure that I was sitting next to TStoneMBD from 2+2 at my first table yesterday (he was on my left.) I remember the hand he talks about in his blog, and a dealer knew him as somebody who had cashed in the USPC (??--- not sure.) But there was basically no way I was going to make that connection yesterday.

The guy on my right was an ex-Party employee.

(Also, I didn't mention that we were, of course, out in the tent. My first table was OK--- the second table was by the door and sort of warm. We're inside today, though.)

A couple people had opinions on why the organizers can't just give every table a single number. Blamed the software, basically, and said "no table can be involved in two events at once". But it still doesn't make any sense. So my initial table had two identities. My guess is because they allocate tables ahead of time, and initially try to schedule everything inside--- but then as events fill up they need to separate them, but players already have table #'s assigned.

I am amused that they are still using the Party Poker tables, though I really wouldn't expect otherwise from Harrahs--- even though the logo breaks this year's guidelines because the ".net" is smallers than the rest of the logo.
Tags: poker, stud, tournament, wsop
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