Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Why Doesn't Las Vegas Cater More to Degenerate Gamblers Like Myself?

I ended up going to Gordon Biersch for dinner because the casino restaurants I looked at mostly stopped dinner service at 10pm. What's up with that? (Also, are there any mix games running in this city less than the 100/200 at the Rio?)

Anyway, as mentioned in the previous voice post, I finished 44th out of 668 players, for $3283. I was actually 45th because two players busted from my table in the same hand, and I was the shorter of the two.

The lesson I should have learned is that high hands == death for me in this tournament. When I had a low I was in pretty good shape and scooped a lot of pots--- in fact I can recall only a couple times where I was beaten for low and didn't get anything from the pot. When I had a high hand I was generally in trouble--- aces-up lost several times (in fact I can't recall winning with it). My AA2 starter was beaten by 4th street and drawing dead to 555KK on 6th street but I chased it down anyway. I had trip kings twice (won once against an all-in player with TT in the whole) and trip 7's once (another player caught trip queens on 5th and I just couldn't find a fold.)

So, the hands I played in level 12 on my way from 25,300 chips to zero:

J(99) seemed like a good idea but the initial low raiser kept firing and I bailed on 5th when both lows hit (they both bricked 4th, one of them with a Jack). They ended up making A-5 and 2-6 to split.

7(2A) called a raise from the other short stack, but the table bully tagged along. He paired threes on 4th street while I caught the ace; we lost the third player. I made A27AJJ9 but the big stack had 3356 on board and rivered the straight. (This guy seemed to play like 50% of his hands against a raise but kept showing down good results--- the closest we had to a really aggressive player at the table. He almost busted earlier jamming trip 9's against a made straight.)

K(TT) is very live and I raise from steal position, get repopped by an ace (two had folded behind me) and he catches the case ace on 4th to my J.

3(8A) clubs as the bringin--- I make it a full bet (though the 7c and 6c are dead, unfortunately); the table bully calls with a 6, and the other short stack raises with a 4. On 6th I am showing 35 while he has 46, the big stack has 67. I jame and go all-in--- and the 46 is all-in the next round. The big stack makes a flush + 65 low, while the best I can manage is 8653A and a pair of sixes--- the other player who busted out had a 6-low draw that fared even worse.
Tags: poker, stud, tournament, travel, wsop
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