Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

How many of your outs can an opponent hold?

Is Badugi unique among poker games in that your opponent can only be holding one of your possible outs to beat his hand? (At least when you are only drawing one.) In other games we can come up with scenarios where the number of possible outs held by an opponent are equal to the number of cards he holds.

For example, in Hold'em you could have As2s on a Kd3s4sQd board. If you opponent has KsQs he holds two of your outs.

In 2-7 draw you could hold 77432 while your opponent has T9865, so he holds five of your 20 outs.

Omaha: if you hold As2sKxKx on a 5s6s8c9d board then your opponent can hold 7sTsJsQs, killing the maximum four outs.

Razz: easy, your opponent can have (A2)568K to your (34)569J. Even if we consider upcards, (A2)589A is ahead and kills 6 possible outs against (34)7677.

Draw High: You hold 8s9sTsQsX, your opponent has 2s3s4s5s7s.

Can you describe a poker variant in which the maximum number of your outs an opponent can hold is greater than one, but strictly less than the maximum number of cards in his hand? (I'm wondering about TD/Badugi split.)
Tags: poker, theory
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