Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


Hello, readers.

My current practice has been to friends-lock most poker content using a filter. This includes both play results (hand histories, etc.) and some of the "experimental" work on Chinese Poker and Triple Draw. Though a fair number of posts about the latter are left public. (If you are not on the poker filter and would like to be, please leave a note.)

There are a couple reasons for this; one is that I have some non-poker readers. Another is that I want to be able to gossip about other players, or at least get candid advice about hands they were in. :) Finally, some of the research I don't feel is at the point where it should be released and propogated "out of context." But, I do feel like I could do a better job at publicizing and separating out the latter.

I have been giving some thought to following ts4z's model and separating out poker blogging, or research blogging, into a separate community. My current thought is that it would work better for the research side than the poker-playing, as I would still want to friends-lock many hand histories, and it doesn't make sense setting up a whole new members-only community.

What would you like to see? Would it be a good idea to start a "lowballgurus" community for posting work-in-progress? I think I would feel better about leaving all research-related posts unlocked there. Would you prefer a poker-only blog?
Tags: meta, poker
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