Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


Live open-ender + low draw => jam 5th.

Stud/8  $5/$10          Poker Stars - Iduna III             - 10978015360
  ante: $0.50      rake: $3    pot: $99.50
JRod34          159 xx xx 2h *i    Kc  f                                  -2.5
clone101         87 xx xx 3s  c    3d *kc   Jc *krc  Th *b    xx *b         49
Vermont1         97 xx xx Qh  f                                           -0.5
Snow Leopar     165 xx xx 8c  f                                           -0.5
paulie187       179 xx xx Td  f                                           -0.5
somebody        668 xx xx 6c  f                                           -0.5
mgritter        205 6h Ad 8d  c    7s  b    9h  br   Jd  c    Kh  f      -47.5

So... I'm guessing I got trapped by trips here, and I only have 33% equity to win if he's got (34)3 or similar. If he's got low two pair he's still a marginal favorite. Next time, bet/call. (Giving him a free card with just a pair of threes and a busted low would be awful, though.)
Tags: hand history, poker, stud
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