Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Wowio comics suck

If you read the same online comics I do, you've probably seen an ad for "... read it free at wowio."

Wowio's a free e-book distributor. They find sponsors who get an ad in the front page of the PDF-format e-book. You can download up to 5 e-books per day. A bunch of comics are available. Most (all?) of them suck.

Starship Troopers the comic? Vomit.

Sore Thumbs? "Look! We have boobs!" Also, it's a webcomic, you can go back and read the archives if you want. The ebook editions were a sufficient anti-recommendation to me.

Lullaby? I liked Fables. I figured I might like this. But I haven't been motivated enough to read the rest of the ones I downloaded. The writing's not so good, although Alice managed to find a flamingo that serves as a kick-ass weapon.

Winning at Poker: Essential Hints and Tips by Dave Scharf. Gave up very early.

They have a bunch of public domain works available, but why would I download them there rather than from Project Gutenberg? You can also download some Kurt Vonnegut.
Tags: books, comics, rant
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