Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

My FL is Full of Win

and geekiness.

wshaffer fixes her toilet but confirms the "no project can be done without at least two trips to Home Depot" theory.

laurenweinstein ponders paying the piper for web content: would we prefer living in a world where web sites attempt to refuse browsers with web blocking, or where sites are pay-per-view? Is there a happy middle ground?

sabyl got married; congratulations!

cavebear_blog issues forth another Internet-governance rant, with classical allusions: ICANN - Pygmalion? Procrusteas?

makinglight contributes a five-step plan for dealing with internet scandals.

Indirectly via patrissimo: a discourse on quantum computers and NP-completeness, entitled "what Google won't Find". (Though I have to interject that finding P=NP might not be as earthshaking as he points out since "polynomial" != "practical." Also, a nonconstructive proof that P=NP might exist but not provide any helpful hints for determining how to go about solving NP-complete problems in polynomial time!)

I'm debating whether to link to the picture of giant tortoises mating, but I think I'll just pass and you can look for it yourselves.

mrissa finished the first draft of her next (current?) novel.

All the rest of y'all are awesome too.
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