Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

2nd-best and True Inversion Hold'em

junk_game_junky gives a couple graphs comparing starting hand strength in Hold'em, second-best Hold'em, and true inversion Hold'em: heads-up and 5-handed.

I particularly like the illustration of the way true inversion Hold'em completely distorts high hand values. It's also interesting that 2nd-best flattens out hand values (making post-flop play particularly important, naturally) while true inversion produces a much more linear graph of hand values without any spike at the high end.

Best hand for 2nd-best Hold'em appears to be JJ. But that's hot + cold play, of course--- anybody who makes a bigger pair is probably going to drop out. Presumably open-folding is not allowed in 2nd-best, though.
Tags: hold'em, lowball, poker, theory
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