Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

WCOOP indecision

So, I have accumulated W$667 in various WCOOP satellites. (I won three but blew a lot of W$ entering others, particularly the PLO rebuy...)

I'm going to play the HORSE event on September 22nd. Hime and I have swapped 5%.

I think I will probably play the triple draw event next weekend (Saturday the 15th.) as well.

The obvious third choice would be the Stud/8 tournament on Thursday September 27th but I'm not a big fan of taking vacation days to play online poker... vacation should mean getting out of the house, since that's where I work. The Omaha/8 tournament on the 19th and Razz on the 21st have the same problem. The two split-pot tounaments are $530 instead of $215.

Unfortunately the only other weekend options are playing NLHE on Sundays, or ponying up for the $5200 HORSE on the 29th. That's not going to happen. I'm not even tempted to enter a satellite for it.

That probably means I should sell my W$ now while people might be looking to buy them... or I could blow it on some more PLO tourneys.
Tags: poker, tournament
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