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I harvested my halapenos and habaneros today. Most of them had been left on the plant too long and turned red instead of the proper green or orange (respectively.) I also propped up the halapeno plant, as it had fallen over. I like the way the pepper plants look, though. Not sure what I will do with the peppers themselves.

The blueberry bush has decided that it's fallm and its leaves have turned orange.

One of the herbs has colonized the yard (from last year), so it smells nice whenever I mow.

At this time of the year, the tomato plants have typically switched to "long and stringy" mode instead of "bushy and leafy." Old segments of the vine lose their leaves (they wither and dry out) while some of the fruit still growing is quite far away from the base of the plant--- on segments that have few leaves. I need to check my gardening books and see whether this is typical, or whether I can extend the useful lifetime of the vine by doing something. I am, in particular, wondering if I should do a better job feeding new segments of the vine back into the supporting lattice so that the late fall growth is not all lying on the ground.

The violas are just barely hanging on, but I probably won't replace them before winter. I lost a couple of marigold plants too. My new annual phlox appears to have given up for the fall as well, although as recently as last week it had a large collection of flowers. The clematis produced a second crop of a few flowers, although several stems appear to have died off already. The new yarrow plant gave up flowing in July or early August, more or less as expected.
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