Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
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Garden Pictures

scottro asked for pictures, so here goes:

Front planter, tree and tomatos Front planter, tree and tomatos
In the front yard I grow tomatoes and marigolds. We also put a tree there to replace the one that got sick a couple years back.
Marigolds Marigolds
I usually grow just dwarf marigolds.
Cherry tomato plant Cherry tomato plant
Super Fantastic tomato Super Fantastic tomato
I grew two varieties of big tomatoes this year, Big Boy and Super Fantastic. We were not really able to tell the difference once they came inside.
Front walkway planter Front walkway planter
The front walkway is where I grow flowers and herbs.
Last few clematis flowers Last few clematis flowers
Snapdragons Snapdragons
Snapdragons closeup Snapdragons closeup
Remains of the violas Remains of the violas
Violas are pretty much an early-year flower, but they did well enough this year that I didn't pull them out when it got hot, like I had to last year.
Viola closeup Viola closeup
Herb garden Herb garden
Two pepper plants, basil, thyme, and a very crowded rosemary plant.
Blueberry bush with fall colors Blueberry bush with fall colors
The Harvest The Harvest
Tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and habanero peppers from the garden.

Guess I forgot to take pictures of the Phlox and Yarrow, but they aren't very photogenic at the moment.
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