Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Unreasonably annoyed

I've been trying to get a character to develop one of the "ultimate abilities" in HMM5. Tonight I thought I was all set--- my character in a scenario got the rare skill (for his class) necessary at an early level, and the scenario provides lots of ways to level. So I get to the point at which I should be set... and yet it wasn't there. What gives?

It turns out that the character I'd picked starts with one slot filled with the wrong ability. Oops. There are five major skill slots and each skill has three "ability" slots. It requires four skill slots (plus the class skill) and 12+2 abilities to meet the prerequisites for the top ability. So you can start with one incorrect skill, but starting with the correct skill but wrong ability dooms you. Dangit.
Tags: games, hmm5
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