Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Five Random Things Make a Post

1. Goats has been sort of plotty lately, but today's strip delivers a punchline that caught me completely off guard. (It narrowly beat out Starslip Crisis's over-the-top management joke for top billing.) I also liked PVP's take on Talk Like a Pirate Day. (P.S. Order of the Stick is back from hiatus but the first two strips have been sort of meh IMO.)

2. I went to the dentist on Tuesday. Mostly good, but unfortunately they think there may be some bone loss underneath a couple of large fillings. So one is getting redone and the other molar is getting a crown. Whee. Fortunately my dentist has CEREC so there will be no impressions involved, I just have to get a camera "shoved down my throat" (in his words.)

3. I posted 10,000 sample Chinese Poker w/2-7 hands on lowballgurus. details here.

4. I missed reviewing Nogne O Brown Ale. It's a good brown ale, a little hoppier than usual, I think. Also I should mention that I've been drinking Tilburg's Dutch Brown Ale for a while... it's very active when poured and produces a large, pale tan head that settles quickly. It's fairly sweet and mild. I'd take it over Newcastle but it's not a replacement for Moose Drool, I prefer the somewhat more bitter taste and stronger smell. (I've always claimed to love stouts but maybe I'm just a brown-ale drinker at heart.)

5. It occurred to me while walking Ista in the rain that our routes have very few shortcuts back home. We either have to continue walking or turn back. On the other hand, if we lived in a more urban neighborhood, we could plan a big circle around our house, but abort mission at any time and walk only a couple blocks back home. So let's define a shortcuttable walk of radius d on a graph as a closed path (from vertex A back to vertex A) such that any vertex g on the path is a distance of no more than d away from A. (We can either just count edges or we can put weights on the edges.) Now, trivially any path of length N (on an undirected graph) is a shortcuttable walk of radius N/2 (we can either turn around or keep going to get to A in that distance or less.) What are necessary and sufficient conditions for a graph to have a shortcuttable walk for arbitrary length and radius?
Tags: beer, chinese poker, comics, dentist, geek, lowballgurus, math, poker
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