Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Bilingual Humor

When I was studying German I found German-language "Peanuts" a lot funnier than the original English. But, Peanuts doesn't rely much on wordplay.

This site catalogs translation errors in the German version of "Futurama", many of which completely destroy the joke.

English: "Read them and leak saltwater."
German: "Seht her und fangt an zu weinen." Literally "see here and start to cry".
Suggested correction: the more literal "Seht her und lasst Salzwasser ab."

English: "But... But... Bender need brain. For smart making!"
German: "Aber bitte. Bender braucht sein Gehirn. Um wieder klug zu werden." The gramatically correct, "But please! Bender needs his brains. In order to be bright [smart]."
Suggested correction: "Aber... Aber... Bender braucht Hirn. Zum schlau machen!" schlau = sly or clever, much more Bender-esque than "bright".
Tags: comics, futurama, german, humor, translation
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