Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

No Omaha Love

I bubbled in today's Fall Poker Classic Omaha/8 tournament at Canterbury. About 210 entrants (down a bit from last year), 18 places paid, I was 25th.

I tripled up in the third level on a "get big or go home" hand. I flopped top set + a flush draw on a KQJ board. Two other players with the broadway straight but without any redraws jammed hard; I rivered the flush to bust both of them.

The hand that hurt most on the downhill slide was a three-pair hand with 234Q. Flop was Q32; EP player bets and I raise, but a third player comes along. Turn is a relatively safe T and I bet it, but the river is a 4. EP bets again and I just can't believe he came out firing with A5 but he was and scoops.

I battled back after that and managed a few steals, but not fast enough to keep up with the blinds. (I had AA hold up against an all-in player but didn't get called with my AA2Ks when I would have appreciated the action.) With about 7K left at 1.5K/3K, I made a sort of questionable cold-call with A3s6K; the flop with JJT and I overcalled an undersized all-in bet. But I was drawing dead to a big stack's JT and down to 2000 chips at 1000/1500 blinds. I thought I found my opportunity with A27Js and surprisingly I got heads-up with the big blind. He showed something like 38JJ; I turned two pair (aces and sevens) but he rivered a flush. Since my low was counterfeited, IGHN.

I got to meet 2+2'er Andy B briefly; he was playing 6/12 Hold'em, I think. The cardroom was running 10/20 Omaha, and had a long interest list for 6/12 Stud/8 (as well as a shorter one for 15/30) but had filled all their tables.
Tags: fall poker classic, omaha, poker, tournament
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