Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Endodontist Trip 2 of 3: Sing it In Harmony

I had still been having cold sensitivity in the area where I had my root canal. So, back to the endodontist to figure out what's going on.

Now friends, there was only one or two things that Dr. Page coulda done at the office. The first was he could have given me a medal for being so brave and honestfound a remaining problem with the root canal, which wasn't very likely, and we didn't expect it. The other thing was he could have bawled me out and told me never to be seen driving garbage around the vicinity againfound a problem with the other tooth that had the filling replaced. Which is what we expected.

But when I got to the dentist there was a third possibility that we hadn't even counted upon, which was that it was the next molar forward that was the "Scene of the Crime". Having verified this with the application of cold, he said he'd kill the nerve to give me some relief, but I'd have to come back later to get my eight by ten color glossy photographs taken finish the procedure.

So, next Wednesday, back to finish the root canal. Then to the normal dentist to get a crown and/or permanent filling for both teeth. We are going to be way over the coverage maximum for the year. :(
Tags: dentist
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