Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Jamie Gold bashing, too

I only saw about half of tonight's HSP episode. Does Jamie Gold always act like such a retard? I mean, I can see not understanding deep-stack poker, but he's just being a big dork. (I don't mean specifically his poker play, I mean his whole schtick.)

61K pot. Antonius bets 45K with the turned straight. Gold goes all-in for 342K with a set. That's, lets see, twice a pot-sized raise. Does this make sense?

I guess my feeling is that Gold only gets called here if he's beat, and if he's ahead he doesn't want a fold. But if Gold just calls he has 300K behind with about 150K in the pot. He doesn't have to go broke on the river. If he's going to raise, though, I suppose anything less than an all-in still commits him to the pot.
Tags: hold'em, poker
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