Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Listening to Jazz on the Drive to Work

With apologies to composer Lew Brown.

Comes a SIGBUS, don't you overflow your stack,
Comes a SIGSTOP, your process goes in back,
Comes SIGKILL, nothing can be done.

Comes a SIGCHLD, you can call wait-p-i-d,
Comes SIGSEGV, your pointer's mis-applied,
Comes KILL... nothing can be done.

Oh, don't try masking, 'cause there isn't any use;
You'll be collected when the user's done with you.

Comes SIGIO, you can read bits from a port,
Comes a SIGILL, dump core and then abort,
Comes KILL, nothing can be done.
Tags: geek, music
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