Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Further ranting

See, if I wanted fiction about how aliens come and provide advanced technology, I'd just reread Foreigner. Aliens-did-it annoys me because it betrays such an incredible ignorance of science and the history of 20th century technology. There's very little we can point to and say "boy, that came out of nowhere!"

If the aliens supervised pyramid construction, we wouldn't get half-assed engineering attempts like the Bent Pyramid. If aliens gave us integrated circuits, why did we build vacuum tubes and standalone transistors first? If a secret project under Hoover Dam gave us space travel, why did the Russians succeed at it before the U.S. did?

Please contribute your "modern technology most likely to be contributed by aliens" in the comments. :)
Tags: history, rant, science, technology
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