Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


Your challenge: retell a classic (or not-so-classic) story by altering the circumstances, or finding a loophole, so that the story cannot continue.

Un-Count of Monte Cristo:

... Edmond sank into his chair. It was impossible! Caderousse dead of an inflamation of the liver. Danglars bankrupt and his family suffering in debtor's prison. Ferdinand pointlessly killed in the chaos of the Hundred Days. de Villefort stabbed to death in a duel with a political rival (and jealous husband.) And Mercedes disappeared beyond the efforts of any of his agents to locate. Where was his purpose now? Why had Providence carried out his vengance?

Un-generic talking sword fantasy:

... the sword spoke in an eerie voice. "I am Kagotsurube, and I cannot be resheathed without first drawing blood."

Jirozaemon considered. "Re-sheathed you say? Into this saya right here?"

The sword did not answer, but indeed it proved impossible to put the sword back into the scabbard from which he had drawn it.

"But, perhaps, we may sheathe you into this spare saya I happen to have, from which you have not previously been drawn?"

This proved successful and Jirozaemon resolved to seek a sword with more utilitarian properties.
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