Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Utopia, Ltd.

mrissa and I attended the GSVLOC's production of Utopia, Ltd. this afternoon. I find that I cannot improve upon pameladean's excellent synopsis. The music was, alas, not all that memorable, as Marissa and I both found ourselves remembering tunes from other Gilbert & Sullivan operas on the way home. But the satire holds up quite well and the humor is more accessible to a modern audience than some other G&S efforts (and much more palatable than, say, Princess Ida.) We did, however, find ourselves laughing at bits that most of the rest of the audience did not react to similarly.

(This happened when we went to see The Matrix too.)

Zara:     (suddenly)  Of course!  Now I remember!  Why, I had forgot-
          ten the most essential element of all!

King:     And that is?---

Zara:     Government by Party!  Introduce that great and glorious
          element--at once the bulwark and foundation of England's
          greatness--and all will be well!  No political measures will
          endure, because one Party will assuredly undo all that the
          other Party has done; and while grouse is to be shot, and
          foxes worried to death, the legislative action of the coun-
          try will be at a standstill.  Then there will be sickness in
          plenty, endless lawsuits, crowded jails, interminable confu-
          sion in the Army and Navy, and, in short, general and unex-
          ampled prosperity!

Tags: humor, music, opera
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