Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

The Incredible Shrinking Workspace

I packed up my laptop + monitor from Sun to ship back. Switching from three displays to one really sucks. Maybe I need to go shopping for a new monitor or two.

Anyway, that's it for Sun-related tasks except for labeling the boxes and giving them to the FedEx pickup, which Marissa will have to take care of next week (when the labels arrive.)

This finally prompted me to get Pidgin working on my Linux box, which turned out to be more of a pain than expected. Since my OS is old (Mandrake 10) I can't just download an RPM that works so I had to build a few necessary libraries. TLS wouldn't work at first, but this turned out to be an older version of the gnutls library hanging around in /usr/lib, while the one I built was in /usr/local/lib.

I also finished taxes today. We owed money to Minnesota again--- I will have to remember to adjust withholding for the new job. But the federal refund more than makes up for it. We will not, however, be getting any "rebate" so the economy will just have to stimulate itself without us.
Tags: geek
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