Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

First week at NVIDIA, in review

I start working from home tomorrow; my computer will show up via FedEx sometime during the day, but until that arrives I can VPN in from one of my personal machines and NVC to a Linux environment.

So... what can I say about the first week there? I didn't spend a lot of time working with my new team--- there was a lot of setup time, getting acquainted with the build and debug systems and so forth. I successfully ran some tests on the prototype hardware, used an ICE, built the operating system from scratch, etc.

I've been assigned some code-"hygiene" bugs to get started; not thrilling but I didn't expect it to be. I managed to fix one bug, but the first one assigned to me turned out to touch more pieces of code than my boss had anticipated. So that bug will remain open for a bit, until we get approval to commit all the changes. I got asked a couple times what I'd be working on longer-term but I don't have a clear picture yet.

I'd known that development was going to be in C, but I'd underestimated my distaste for making do without RAII--- making sure all function exit points free resources, etc. There are just a different set of idioms to get used to, but I can at least hope that driver development doesn't stay in the dark ages forever... I also really hadn't anticipated how much of a shift from small-team to big-team I was making. There are a lot of people working on this project, and a lot of emails going past.

The NVIDIA cafeteria isn't very good, unfortunately. But, as a work-from-home employee the impact on my level of happiness is minimal. ;)

I got tired relatively early in the evenings so I wasn't particularly adventurous. I ate dinner in the NVIDIA cafeteria on Monday, and went out with friends to Vive Sol on Tuesday. Wednesday was the only day I played poker--- I won about $100 at Garden City and ate dinner there. (I had actually planned to eat at Santana Row but none of the restaurants there looked especially appealing to me.) On Thursday I tried a new place close to work, Sushi-O Sushi (on El Camino Real.) I had a sundried-tomato California roll which was pretty good, but my other selections were sub-par, so I probably won't return.

My flight home on Friday was San Jose to Seattle on Alaska, then Seattle to Minneapolis on a Northwest red-eye. Unfortunately my luggage did not make the switch--- and the last thing I wanted to do at 6 am was spend more time at the airport getting it sorted out. But it arrived on a later flight and was delivered that afternoon.
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