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mrissa is back home but I am working in California for the rest of the week. My temporary office space is very nice; it is nearly half art museum--- maybe I will take some pictures tomorrow.

I had dinner with Kieran at Fuki Sushi, which was as good this time as it was on my last trip a couple years ago. They did not have "Nothingness" though, nor any other sake by the glass that I could find.

I will be going to see "Iron Man" tomorrow or Thursday, probably at the Winchester 22 if that's where I can see it digitally projected. Narnia is occupying the DLP projector up in Daly City.

I played some poker tonight at won about $140 at 6/12 Omaha/8. I screwed up big-time on two hands but won one anyway. I had A2TQds and raised on the button since there were a bunch of limpers as usual. The flop came A88 with two of one of my suits. So I bet when it was checked around to me, and I got check-raised which usually means at least an 8. I called and the turn was another ace. I was surprised that he kept betting into me and just called down--- he had a bare 8 so I won the pot. We've played together so he may know I raise things other than AAxx but I was really expecting to see A8 in his hand--- in retrospect this is unlikely as there is just one ace left. Perhaps I should have 3-bet the flop to represent aces and try to take the pot down immediately. But that really won't work too often in this game, anybody with trips will chase the boat even if it is likely to be no good.

On a different hand I was in EP with 2h4h67 on an A3Q9 two-heart board. The river was the Qh; I checked and there was a bet and a call before the action got back to me. I had a hard time reading this as anything but at least a flush and I folded, but it was a bare bluff (he had bet aggressively on the flop) and trip queens, so I folded the best hand. I'm used to seeing calls from crappy lows and have been known to overcall pretty weak on that side, but I don't always adjust correctly for crappy highs.
Tags: movies, omaha, poker, sushi
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