Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Game Night

I had some friends over for games + dinner tonight. (It was not an official birthday celebration, merely birthday-related entertainment.) greykev, mmerriam, cadithial and I played Medici, and we discovered that the board and card design is not so good for people with low visual acuity (and not great for the rest of us either.) But we had fun, even if Kevin kicked our butts--- there was competition for 2nd through 4th. Medici is a bidding game by Reiner Knizia. 3 players was a little odd (we only played one round) but in my experience 4, 5, and 6 all work fine.

greykev, cadithial, mmerriam, and matastas played Ticket to Ride with me, and I had fun with that as well. (I won, but I was the only one to have previously played it.) I'm still unsure of the balance between focusing on individual route-claiming (longer routes == more points) and path-building. Destination cards seem like a very poor gamble, although when I played previously, other people seemed to do well by drawing them during the late middle of the game.

While dlandon taught Skip-Bo to the girls (which I seem to recall doing previously), ladysea joined greykev, mmerriam and me in a round of Ingenious. Ingenious is pretty easy to learn but hard to explain verbally--- you place hex dominos on the board and accumulate points by making lines of the same symbol. Except that I think the game strategy really depends on closing people out from making groups of the same symbol. It's sort of a strange game in that it allows fairly cooperative play. I think expert-level play of the game would look significantly different from what I've seen so far. I managed to secure second place by cutting off the supply of one of the symbols.

Also present: dd_b, pameladean, lydy, songwind, fiddle_dragon (+ the rest of the clan), and careswen. Plus household residents mrissa, timprov, and missista. I did invite a few people without LJ's but none of them showed. ;)
Tags: friends, games
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