Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Hot Tip: Go long on 'N'

For 2006, almost a third of U.S. male babies had a first name with a 'n' as the last letter.

The market impact of large-scale 'n' usage may be severe. Heavy purchases of 'n' may fuel speculative buys of related letter futures such as 'm', 'y', or 'a'. Some experts predict that we may see 'peak N' by 2011, while others believe that swelled prices will spur exploitative use of previously idle supplies. Heavy letter users have started to search for substitute forms such as "leet-speak" |\| or imported 'ñ'. More creative writers seek to avoid 'n' usage through word choice, though this proves difficult due to the heavy use of 'n' amid popular prefixes or verb forms.
Tags: humor
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