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I made a trip down to Canterbury last night in the hopes of playing some live Stud/8.

The game was running but there was a fairly substantial list; however, I was able to join a new 6/12 Hold'em table right away. Initially I didn't think it would be very good, but once the table was full it loosened up a bit, and there were some obvious weak spots.

I played pretty well, but at least twice I made a correct bet or raise with a marginal holding heads-up only to lose on the river. AQ on a rag board vs. A7, 7 hits on the river. I have T8s in the button, flop J85, I call but it is heads up vs. a middle-position player. Turn is a 7, he bets and I raise. He calls with KQ and spikes a Q on the river.

Not that I didn't benefit from the river too. With 67 on a 489 board I hit runner-runner 6's for trips. I may have won a pot on the river with A9s making two pair where my kicker may not have been good. I and one other opponent had JT on a J-high board, but I had a flush redraw so when he raised me on the turn I called and bet the river when my flush came in. KK held up to drag a decent-sized pot and I value-bet the heck out of the loose callers. I flopped sets with both 22 and 66 that held up.

Plays I regret: calling down with overcards on 34345 board when UTG limper who I'd successfully isolated had 34. (I bet flop, check/called turn and river.) Calling down with overcards + gutshot vs. flopped set heads-up. Not betting Q-high heads-up when it was the best on 3355 board (river 5 for a chop.) Giving insufficient credit to a preflop 3-bet and calling down aces.

I was down a couple stacks when I finally got called for the Stud game, about 3 hours later. There had been minimal movement so I only got a seat because three people in front of me had disappeared. Two big stacks to my right had been there since the game started at 11am, so they were pushing 12 hours. Everybody else has less than $200 in front of them.

I did well with aces but not a whole lot else. My A8A made a low but nobody saw showdown with me. Similarly, A9A developed a threatening board by 6th so everybody dropped out again. A 567 starter managed to make the 8-high straight but I was crushed for low (and had to dodge a flush to get half.) I raised rolled aces into a bunch of low cards but nobody wanted to play. (I gave them a hard time for wanting to chase the jackpot--- it got brought up a lot--- but not being willing to call a raise from an ace.) I did fold AA88 when I got raised by a likely flush: he caught an additional suited card on 6th, and I bricked my low draw.

The table collapsed from 8 players to 4 fairly quickly (between 12 and 12:30), but the other three were jackpot-chasing so I didn't mind playing short-handed with them and managed to get some value out of buried aces and split queens, but again came up short in the low department. I left at 1am, breaking the game. Net +$26 for the night, not as well as I'd hoped to do.

It was a race night at the horse track, but that didn't really seem to bring in a lot of extra traffic to the card room. The parking lot was quite full but waiting lists for poker were relatively short. Canterbury was running three poker tables in their table game room--- not sure if that is standard now or not, but I did have to ask where "table 36" was.
Tags: hold'em, poker, stud
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