Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


The Discovery Channel has been running When We Left Earth in HD. I've missed most of it but I caught some of the last part tonight, on the Shuttle. I got a little teared up.

Story Musgrave still gets pissed when talking about Challenger.

Edward Tufte devotes 15 pages of "Visual Explanations" to the Challenger disaster; it's well worth the read. (I can loan the book to locals.) He makes a powerful case that the failure was not one of knowledge--- as Gene Kranz suggests in the documentary ---nor even so much institutional flaws, but that the Thiokol engineers utterly failed in communicating their evidence and reasoning. "In the 13 charts prepared for making the decision to launch, there is a scandalous discrepancy between the intellectual tasks at hand and the images created to serve those tasks..."
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