Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Dust by Elizabeth Bear

I just finished reading matociquala's novel Dust. It's a generation-ship story more fun than Orphans of the Sky (mutant knife fights in space!), more convincingly political than Colony Fleet (revenge of the nerds in space!), and more weird than Learning the World (derivatives trading in space!). OK, so we have a lot of generation-ship stories floating around.

The hook here is that Bear has created a bang-up Zelazny tribute. We've got incestuous family politics, an absent father or two, impending destruction, love, madness, and a friendly mix of the archaic and the high-tech. (Without all those shadow-walking sequences... but the novel gives us a few moments of visual delight to fill their place.)

I'm looking forward to Chill and Grail.
Tags: books
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