Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Empathy, not so much

1. I'd be more empathetic to the mass emailing I received from Northwest today ("Help Fight America's Oil Crisis" by additional regulation of commodities markets) if they hadn't decided to join the utterly stupid and anti-consumer $15 first-checked-bag bandwagon.

I don't mind paying more to fly. I understand that costs go up. But why create incentives for more carry-on luggage? The greatest single factor creating customer conflict and slow boarding times is dealing with all the stupid suitcases. Heck, why not charge the fee for carry-on luggage, since people are thereby avoiding your slow and error-ridden baggage handling!

2. I'd be more receptive to taking John McCain's rhetoric seriously if his plan appeared at all specific and realistic. McCain promises to balance the budget through economic growth, controlled spending, and bipartisan budget efforts. If Senator McCain doesn't have specific programs he thinks can be cut today, after twenty-six years in Congress, what will an additional year of study--- after he's president--- gain him? And after twenty-six years in Congress, what makes him think that a one-year moratorium on discretionary spending increases will fly? McCain is much more specific on what taxes he wants to cut.

3. I'd be more charitable to Republican politicians in general if they could find a way to stop lying in support of their policy positions. Why anybody (even Norm Coleman) would give credence to something coming out of Dick Cheney's mouth at this point is beyond me. (I'd also feel better if I could find even one who'd voted in favor of keeping telecommunications companies liable for their illegal behavior, but--- like most Democrats--- party and donor loyalty takes precedence over the rule of law.)

Update: Oh, and if you call asking to talk to me or my wife, please have the decency to self-identify.

Me: "May I ask who's calling?"
Caller: "Mary."
Me: "From...?
Caller: "Victory 2008 of Minnesota."
Me: Checks caller ID, sees "GOP of MN"
Me: "Now's not a good time, buh-bye now."
Tags: politics, rant
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