Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

KCL SNG structure

The Stars SNG structure for NL2-7 uses antes from the very first level (woot!).

10/20 ante 5
20/40 ante 10
30/60 ante 15
40/80 ante 20
50/100 ante 25
60/120 ante 30
80/160 ante 40
100/200 ante 50
125/250 ante 60 <-- the only deviation
150/300 ante 75
200/400 ante 100

The half-small-blind ante puts quite a bit of money in the pot to start with--- equal to the size of the small and big blinds combined at a 6-max table. I don't see why they don't spread it 8-handed though. But I think we should see some decent action with this structure.

(A min-raise to 40 gives the big blind amazing 5:1 odds to call.)
Tags: lowball, poker
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