Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Two Views of Sarah Palin

Sinfest takes on the election... and casts a pig (a cross-dressing regular character) as Sarah Palin. I believe he did so a few days before the stupid "pig on a lipstick" nonsense started. Insulting? Yes, but funny.

Less funny is this NYT article on Palin's record as mayor and governor. (read it in the Strib today.) Palin's governing style seems fully in keeping with the pattern we've seen from Bush and Cheney. Personal loyalty valued above all else. E-mail messages routed to outside servers in order to circumvent possible subpoena. Criticism of policies branded "hate" or "anti-American/Alaskan". Even Palin's controversial interaction with the city librarian about the possibility of removing books, then asking for the librarian's resignation, was not--- according to Palin ---a matter of policy but a "test of loyalty".

This is the "change" McCain is selling? I want open government. I want officials who are loyal to the nation and the law rather than to their boss, and agency heads who are chosen for their competence first and their politics second. I want government scientists to speak their minds (whether they cross orthodoxy or ideology) rather than having political appointees censor their speech or rewrite their findings. But the Republican party continues to demonstrate that it simply doesn't value these ideals.
Tags: comics, politics
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