Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

I should make a Spore icon

I decided to spend the evening finishing the tribe + civilization stages of Spore and see what the endgame was like. My buildings and vehicles came out pretty ugly, but what do you expect from Longhorn Cucumber Pigs? I think I agree with the reviews that say that the first four stages are really just an extended intro for the Space game.

The achievements page is automatically updated but I'm just not buying a whole "community" atmosphere here. Who would I check up on?

Current gripe: mouse-button assignment seems arbitrary.

Cell: left button moves creature
Creature: left button moves creature, right button controls actions
Tribal: left button selects tribe members, right button triggers actions including movement
Civilization: same but for vehicles
Space: left button performs actions, right button moves spaceship
Editor window: left button drags + drops, right button controls pan
Tags: games, spore
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