Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

The New Guthrie

I didn't venture out into the Cantilever of Doom but I did have to suffer the Interminable Four-Story Escalator with Flashing Lights and Reflective Ceiling.

Architects. Bah.

Also, this is Minnesota. People might not want to wander around outside all year round. So why is there a skyway connecting the Guthrie to the parking garage building, but no way to get from the parking garage onto that skyway? (I'm serious, they have big signs saying that access to the Guthrie is only via ground level.)

P.S. to opening act Shawn Mullins: Dar Williams makes just as many cheesy rhymes as you do, but she doesn't add extraneous lines for the purpose of doing so. Nor should every single song begin with a cheesy couplet or worse, a triplet.
Tags: minneapolis, rant
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