Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Wanted: Text File Join

Right now I've got a data file containing a frequency distribution that looks something like this:

23450 0.001
172385 0.0009
112423 0.0008
123471 0.00077

It's sorted by the second field. So you can plot a nice descending curve in gnuplot with something like

plot "my.dat" using 0:2

What I want to do is generate a second data file with additional information about the first field, like this:

12345 1
12346 3
12347 7
12348 2

and then plot this data against the frequency distribution. Is there any commonly-available Unix utility that will perform the join for me? I will probably end up writing something in Python or Perl that produces the desired result:

23450 0.001 5
172385 0.0009 5
112423 0.0008 15
123471 0.00077 3
Tags: programming, unix
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