Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Anti-Marriage Ads

I wasn't expecting to see any Proposition 8 ads while I was out here in California, but I did.

The thrust of this one seemed to be:

1. Look, Gavin Newsom is sneering at you!
2. The court decision was foisted upon us Against the Will of the People.
3. You could get sued if you don't like gay marriage!
4. Your church could lose its tax-exempt status!
5. Your children could be taught about gay marriage in public schools!
6. Did we mention that Gavin Newsom is sneering at you?!?

Unimpressed. If Proposition 8 fails, can we agree not to bring up #2 ever again? Also, can we argue about the actual effects of gay marriage rather than "my freedom to agitate against gay marriage might be in danger?" Because it doesn't explain why you're against gay marriage in the first place--- or at least doesn't provide a reason somebody not already on board with gay-bashing can get behind.
Tags: politics
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