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My brother Matt is moving to Rock Valley, Iowa, where he will be the worship coordinator for Trinity Christian Reformed Church. This might mean we get to see more Matt, which would make Marissa and me happy. But it does mean he will have to live in Iowa.

Q: how many churches in the Reformed tradition are there in Rock Valley, IA, a town of 3000 people?
A: At least 7.

Kieran and I have been visiting the restaurants within walking distance of our new office in Mountain View. To date:

  • Chef Chu's: Good upscale-ish Chinese. Many pictures of politicians on the wall, no venture capitalists. How odd. Lunch menu is in the $9-$12 range.

  • Pho VI Hoa: Noodle soup, as advertised. Very tasty, offers lean meats so not as much gristle as, say, Quang Restaurant in Minneapolis.

  • Indian buffet in strip mall with Pho VI Hoa, doesn't show up in Google search Cafe Bombay (?): not recommended. (Amber is within driving distance, and I've enjoyed eating there, but it's awfully crowded at lunchtime.)

    To visit: Hunan Homes, Estrellita, Pasta Market Italian Restaurant, Armadillo Willy's BBQ & Cafe, Taco Del Mar, Oregano's Wood-Fired Pizza, Pizzale, Krung Thai, Masa's Sushi

    Also available: Chili's, Fresh Choice, Subway, Marie Callender's (yuck)

    Easy driving distance: Vive Sol, Passage to India, Amber
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