Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Still Don't Understand This Game

I'm playing the Canterbury Fall Classic Omaha/8 tournament tomorrow.

2006: 2nd
2007: 25th (bubble)

I'll also be playing the Stud (hi) event on Sunday, which I also bubbled last year.

Despite my good tournament record in Omaha/8, I still don't feel like I can articulate a good strategy for it. So mainly I seem to rely on donking around and sucking out. (I am actually pretty good at waiting for a good spot to enter, I just get stubborn sometimes.) I'm reviewing Ray Zee's book and the FTP Strategy Guide (Matusow's chapter).

Stud Hi is an even weaker game for me but fortunately most of the field seems to have no clue at all.

So, I plan to just sit down and try to play more or less my regular game--- way too late to try making big adjustments. Getting deep in Omaha seems to mainly consist of not making too many mistakes, and then getting lucky once or twice. Still, I feel much more confident sitting down at a Stud/8 tournament that I actually have a plan for winning.
Tags: omaha, poker, tournament
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