Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

How I'm Voting

President: Obama (D)

U.S. Senate: Franken (D). Not enthusiastically. Don't know much about Dean Barkley, but I have to vote strategically anti-Coleman.

MN Supreme Court: incumbents Paul H. Anderson and Lorie Skjerven Gildea. Deborah Hedlund doesn't look like a crank at first glance; her web site argues that she's more experienced, heavy emphasis on murder trials. But challenger Tim Tingelstad says he believes "justice is served when judges fear God and love the people" and "will be ... partial to the original intent of the Constitution."

MN Appeals Court: incumbents.

Sales tax: Leaning "no", regretfully. I support additional spending, but the amendment is the wrong way to do it.

U.S. House (District 2): challenger Steve Sarvi (D).

MN District Court: incumbent Joseph Carter.

Dakota County Soil and Water Supervisors:
Seat 2: incumbent Marian Brown
Seat 4: incumbent Chris Nielsen
Seat 5: no information about candidates, probably leave blank

Dakota County Commissioner: Thomas Egan. Initially I had planned to vote against him because his campaign materials turned me off (both content-wise and finding it blowing across my lawn), as well as guilt-by-association based on who put his signs up. But, Scott Holm is an even bigger nut-case who is against the transit sales tax and rail spending, concerned about "immigration", thinks local taxes are still too high despite being the lowest in the state, and has avoided candidate forums and media questions.

Eagan Bond Referendum: Yes, buy the damn golf course already and put in a park. This is within walking distance of me. I don't particularly oppose having development there, but I think this is the better solution. Particularly in the current environment, we are not likely to see acceptable development anyway...

Eagan City Council:
2-year Term: Gary Hansen
Normal term (2 seats): Incumbents Cyndee Fields and Meg Tilley are fine. (I think I've voted for both before.)

Joey Browner is conducting a write-in campaign. He even bought a Google ad. He is running on "hey, I was a football player", "the council needs more diversity", and "we need more fiscal responsibility." *shrug* The confusing city council situation probably makes him even less likely to win, since we have 4 candidates on the ballot in two races for three seats.
Tags: local, minnesota, politics
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