Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Penny Arcade #2

I bought On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 2 last week. I've found the humor better but the gameplay worse. Approaching the endgame after ~8 hours of play.

This episode seems to require you to be a lot closer to objects to interact with them (even descriptions-only.) Episode 1 felt a lot better at just walking over to whatever you clicked on. Episode 2 also has more places that the characters got hung up.

Clicking on opponents in combat also feels a lot more fussy. While fighting the giant spiders, for example, I often wasn't able to get an attack off for many seconds. This also happened against some of the robots, who were so constantly in motion that it was hard to find the right spot. You really have to click on the character's feet, when I feel like you should be able to click anywhere on their body.

The learning curve on the combat mechanics is interesting. Both times I've felt "there is no f***ing way I will be able to manage this special attack" (they're reaction-time minigames) only to find myself actually getting into the rhythm, with practice, and being able to pull them off with a reasonable rate of success. This episode's minigames are actually a bit better in that none of them require only pounding the space bar rapidly enough (like Gabe's attack in episode 1), but are also more "fussy"/frustrating.

I loved many of the cutscenes in this episode, though. Also good was a section in which your character fights a "boss" battle alone; while you're doing this the action cuts away to Tycho ransacking a room, with the sounds of mayhem in the distance. I also loved the deadpan humor of the characters after they met death under the giant robot's foot. (You are given the option to 'continue' with no ill effect, but a short dialog scene provided their reactions to having done so.)
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