Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Hotel Room Entertainment

Turning away from the charms of "Modern Marvels: Used Chewing Gum" (OK, "Ice Cream"), I caught most of Charlie Wilson's War last night, and kept the TV on for The Kingdom as well.

Both were better than I expected, but The Kingdom degenerates into a shoot'em-up spectacle before belatedly realizing that (oops!) it wanted to convey a message. It also features a "second murder" plot--- the bad guys would get away with it if not for their follow-up attack on the FBI agents. The movie makes clear that this second attack is coming, but I think it might have been a better story for it to have been more of a surprise. There is also a lot of setup about politics (both U.S. and Saudi) that goes unused.
Tags: movies
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