Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Tea Village

I wanted a tea strainer and some loose tea for my office (in CA) so I stopped through Mountain View Tea Village and Gallery. The web site makes it look like a very elegant, restrained establishment. I wondered why I had not really noticed it before, as it's right on Castro Avenue in Mountain View.

The web site is a bit misleading. The place is absolutely jam-packed full of tea, teapots, Chinese art, and who knows what else. There are dozens of labelled clay jars on the countertops each with a different tea variety. Many different styles of clay tea pots in the $30-70 range. Tea strainers and tea mugs too--- I bought a ceramic mug that came with a strainer. And, of course, bagged tea overflowing from shelves as well, in a wide variety of prices and varieties. The proprietors will give you a tea tasting for a few bucks.

I chose Tung Ting Oolong more or less at random, and having had a cup of it I'm happy with the choice. (I don't really go through tea fast enough to spend much time shopping for it.) $9.99 for a 8oz bag, (4oz? I am having trouble remembering/judging) which looks pretty good compared to prices elsewhere.

While I was there, I overheard the other customer in the store going on about how she thought that in a previous life she'd been Chinese, and the proprietor trying to be polite to her. I managed not to laugh.
Tags: tea
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