Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


I was delayed about an hour in Denver so we got in around midnight rather than 11:15pm. But, I didn't personally encounter any of the storms. I paid $15 each way for the privilege of waiting for other people to find space for their carry-on bags. Whee! I feel like a sucker whenever they break out the gate-check tags.

Denver's concourse A is nice and spacious until you get to the very end where they crowded 8 gates in the same space they allotted to 2 everywhere else. Guess where my flight was! Too many monkeys.

Since I had so much time in Denver I went for dinner at the Wolfgang Puck in concourse B, came back, and took a stroll across the walkway to the main terminal. I got to say hello to a very wee happy black poodle-boy who enthusiastically greeted me and gave me many puppy-kisses.

My own poodle woke Marissa up because she heard that I was back so I got enthusiastically and blearily welcomed home by my own girls. (Not necessarily respectively.)
Tags: travel
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