Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Merry Christmas

Best wishes to you and yours.

I have had a good Christmas so far. I am looking forward to Christmas Day celebrations with my in-laws and friends, and the arrival of my relatives.

Ista, despite suffering a bite from a much larger dog on Tuesday, is recovering well. She looked much better today, hasn't been licking the wound, and wanted to play. Right now she is curled up next to me in my office. We wonder if her fur will come in dark again, like it did when she previously had some scratches and bruising.

Both Marissa and Ista are tiredy, tiredy girls tonight after spending the evening opening presents. I am contemplating turning in early as well, since we are getting up "early" tomorrow for Christmas breakfast and stockings. Like, 8am. *gasp* *horror*

I also wanted to mention that, starting at 8am, the Discovery Channel is running an all-day Mythbusters marathon.
Tags: family
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