Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Gaming the Vote

I was smitten by William Poundstone's The Recursive Universe at an early age. (12? maybe?) Unfortunately, Prisoner's Dilemma couldn't really keep my interest and I have no desire to pick up his "Big Secrets" books. How Would You Move Mount Fuji? and Fortune's Formula are not exciting enough to me to make my Amazon list--- I'd probably pick them up used, but I don't frequent used bookstores enough. So Poundstone's been pretty disappointing after the first hit.

But right now I'm reading Gaming the Vote and it's kick-ass so far... except, following a small anecdote about figure skating, and how the ranking of a 4th contestant permuted the top three, he writes:

You may think there must have been something funny about the formula used to combine the judges' rankings. Trust me--- there wasn't. If I explained the whole voting system, you would nod your head and say, That sounds fair.

Dude! I am geeky enough to have picked up your popular-science book on voting theory. Explain the damn system already! It can even be in an appendix, I'm not fussy! But don't tell me what I would think is fair.
Tags: books, rant
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