Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

How To Argue Your Point

Jack Chou (smallchou_feed) takes on Slow Food arguments that convince nobody:

Let me start by giving some advice to anyone who’s ever in an argument. If your first point is that it’s the enemy’s fault, you’re screwed. If your second and third points then dispute your first point, you are insane. And, if your key point is making a plea to your potential audience that a technology they use 10’s or 100’s of times per day costs a lot and should be discarded for something they currently do not value at all (local food), you’re completely crazy...

It’s simple. When a competitor competes on price, you can either complain about it or you can deliver the goods on greater value for the cost. You do that by emphasizing the value they get, not by pleading for more of their time.

It's a good rant. It reminds me a little bit of end-to-end purists arguing fruitlessly against firewalls and NAT: if there's value to your model, put up or shut up. If the market disagrees with you, figure out why.
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