Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Geek Toys

My Wacom Bamboo tablet arrived today. I had checked out Linux compatibility beforehand, but it was still easier than I expected to get it working.

Plugging it in "just worked", but only as touchpad. (Relative movement, not absolute position.) I followed the instructions on the Ubuntu project page about editing my X configuration, and that got things working right. I haven't yet figured out how to assign buttons.

It's definitely easier than writing/drawing with a mouse, but not as easy as I'd expected--- there is still some learning curve. Using the GIMP worked better than's whiteboard, but unfortunately the latter is what I want to use it with. Vyew had rather horrendous lag, so that I was writing a second or so ahead of the lines showing up.
Tags: geek, hardware
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