Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter

Migraine Aura

I can't recall having a strong migraine since college. careswen's experience with them has been no fun and I feel no need to compete.

Previously I'd gotten just pain and nausea without much in the way of visual effects. Today was a little different, though. After coming home with Marissa on the final round-trip out on the snow-covered roads, I noticed that I was having trouble seeing the computer monitor. It felt too bright, and a small off-center part of my visual field was occluded, sort of like I'd been staring into a bright light and had the afterimage. It didn't fade as fast as I expected either, but I thought I was just snowblind after too much white.

Now I wonder if it was a pre-migraine aura, because about an hour later I felt awful and had to spend the evening lying in the dark.

(After about 3 hours I was still hurting but my brain decided it was bored, which was not fair at all because whose fault was it that I was not able to accomplish anything interesting?)
Tags: health
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