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We watched Prince Caspian. Oh, was it not good. There are just so many worst facets it's hard to pick one.

Let's go with the hand-cranked rapid-fire trebuchets. See, trebuchets already come in two varieties: the kind where you lift a counterweight and the kind where a bunch of people all pull at once. Why the heck would Telmarines invent a rotating variety that automatically picked up carefully-rounded ammunition instead? It requires extensive gearing, expensive ammunition, and seems likely to catastrophically fail if the loading mechanism doesn't work exactly right.

There should be no trebuchets anyway!

mrissa's favorite is Voyage of the Dawn Treader. She is despairing. I am convinced they will try to give it a Plot, when in fact it doesn't really have one.

Last night I watched Buckaroo Banzai on HD VoD. I watched it in college and really haven't missed it much, although there are a lot of fun bits in it. (Jet-car diagnostic display shows "SINED" the first few times. Later "SEALED". Then "DELIVERED." John Cleese as "John Parrot" in the database of alien infiltrators. Jeff Goldblum as his terribly, terribly geeky self. And Christopher Lloyd too, although not a great part.)

Tracing geeky connections:

Peter Weller (Buckaroo)
Robocop (as Robocop), Monk
Matt Clark, Rosalind Cash
Lois & Clark
Robert Ito (Professor Hikata)
Star Trek TNG, Darkwing Duck, Batman TAS, Animaniacs, Highlander, X-Files, Superman TAS, Star Trek Voyager, Justice League
Pepe Serna (Reno Nevada)
Justice League (Shifflet)
Clancy Brown (Rawhide)
Highlander, Shawshank Redemption, Gargoyles, Superman/Justice League (Lex Luthor!), Roughnecks (Sgt. Zim), Megas XLR, Star Trek Enterprise, Jackie Chan Adventures, The Batman (Mr. Freeze)
Carl Lumbly (John Parker)
Superman TAS, Batman Beyond, Justice League (Martian Manhunter), Battlestar Galactica ('Bulldog' Novacek)
Vincent Shiavelli
Star Trek TNG, Batman TAS (Zatara)
Dan Hedaya
Monk, Robots, Alien: Resurrection, The Usual Suspects
John Lithgow (John Worfin)
nothing good

Clancy Brown is nearly too much fun in the "all characters by an actor are the same" game.
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