Mark Gritter (markgritter) wrote,
Mark Gritter


I'm out in California on my monthly pilgrimage. I will be heading back a bit early this time to attend Grandpa Adams' memorial service in Omaha. I am glad I got to see him again before he died.

Work is still exciting, interesting, and top-secret. We have a new person starting tomorrow, bringing the engineering team to three.

Lauren Weinstein, who is not the source I would have expected for this news, reports that the Sci-Fi channel will change its name to Syfy, to reflect the fact that they want to program whatever the heck they want to. Is there some sort of economic rule at work here: specialty cable channels aren't profitable enough to keep, but generic cable channels can't be launched without a multi-year marketing scheme disguised as programming?

Plan for the week: Watchmen, watch dmorr at Bay 101 Shooting Star if everything works out well.
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